Thursday, April 27, 2017

Arts Festival; Spring Concert; 2017-2018 info

ARTS FESTIVAL - April 29th
THIS Saturday, April 29th our Music Experience & Principio Students will be performing at the OK Arts Festival located in Bicentennial Park in front of the OKC Civic Center and Music Hall.  Students are to arrive at 2:15pm and locate their Choral Director.  Students should wear their COHC T-shirt, jeans, and shoes.  Students will tuck in their shirts for the performance. The performance is from 3:00pm - 3:20pm. 

NEW INFO:  The students will be performing at the COLCORD STAGE.  This is located in the southwest corner of the festival area and beside the Civic Center Music Hall.  For those of you who had students performing last year, this is the same stage as 2016.  

The COHC staff is watching the weather very carefully between now and Saturday afternoon.  A decision as to whether or not to cancel the performance will be made at noon on Saturday. All Principio and Music Experience parents will be notified via email, Members News, and through the REMIND ME text if we are canceling the performance. 

OCHEC Convention: 
23 time slots still available for volunteers in our COHC booth at the OCHEC convention.  We need volunteers to join our COHC Staff in getting the word out about the choirs.  Our booth will be ‘manned’ during the following hours on Friday May 5 (8:30am - 6:30pm) and Saturday May 6th (9am - 5:30pm). You can sign up for your time by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:

May 2-3 are the LAST regular rehearsal days for 2016-2017.  Many teachers will be taking up music that day.  Any music missing / not returned to the COHC by the Spring concert will result in a fine of $2 per missing piece.  

 Tuesday May 9th: Staging Rehearsal & Concert (First Baptist Church / Edmond)
**Students should wear their COHC t-shirts to the STAGING REHEARSAL as we will take group pictures.  Students should wear their COHC performance attire to the CONCERT.**
11am - 12:30pm: Music Experience & Principio (staging rehearsal)
1pm - 3pm : Illuminati & Bella Voce (staging rehearsal)
6pm: Music Experience & Principio (Warm-Up/Line-Up)
6:30pm:  Music Experience & Principio (CONCERT)
7:00pm:  Illuminati & Bella Voce (Warm-Up/Line-Up)
7:30pm: Illuminati & Bella Voce (CONCERT)

Dodgers Game: June 4th - 2:05pm 
Illuminati & Bella Voce will be singing on June 4th at the OKC Dodgers game.  Anyone (your, farmily, friends, church groups, etc) can use the following link to purchase tickets for this game. Sanctus Real will be performing following  the ballgame.   PROMO CODE: COHSC

News on NEXT year: 2017-2018
 CURRENT COHC members will be able to register on-line starting May 9th.  NEW COHC members will be able to register on-line beginning June 1st.  Both returning and new COHC Member will have until September 1st to register.  Orientation will take place on Aug 14th /16th. First rehearsals will be held on Aug 21st / 23rd.  Our OKC rehearsal day is being changed to Monday afternoons in 2017-2018.  The times for the choirs will be as follows: 

Mondays: OKC
1pm - 2:45pm ILL and BV
3pm - 4pm      ME & Principio

Wednesdays: Norman
9am-10am        ME & Principio
10:15am-12pm ILL & BV

Wednesdays: Edmond

1pm - 2:45pm    ILL and BV
3pm - 4pm         ME & Principio