Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Attention!!! Message from the Choral Directors about Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert 
Saturday, December 9, 2017
Southern Hills Baptist Church

Students need to wear their Uniform "A" to the concert.

·       1:30pm:Music Experience and Principio warm-up in south entrance foyer.
·       2:00pm-2:45 Music Experience and Principio Performance
              Music Experience and Principio students will process out into the main foyer at the                conclusion of their part of the program. Parents can meet their children in the foyer.  Principio students are invited to stay to sing along with Illuminati & Bella Voce in the finale song. Music Experience is welcome to stay with their parents in the audience to enjoy the Christmas carol sing-a-long and older choirs' performances.
·       2:30pm -Illuminati and Bella Voce warm-up in South Entrance foyer. 
     2:45pm - 15-minute intermission 
     3:00pm - Christmas Carol Sing-a-Long
              We invite all guests to join in a congregational Christmas carol sing-along as a prelude to
     the Illuminati & Bella Voce performance. 
·       3:15pm Bella Voce & Illuminati performance.

We will have two rehearsals before performance day.

The previous two Christmas concert venues were ‘gifted’ to us by Southern Hills Baptist Church in exchange for one of our choirs singing at their Christmas concert. Both years, COHC had negative incidences occur during rehearsals and concerts in areas of the church that our students were not permitted. Although this involved only a few members of COHC…it is now affecting us all. Due to these past negative incidences, our space and time has been reduced.

We appreciate the opportunity to use the facility at Southern Hills Baptist Church and want to be respectful in all we do and say while we are there for the rehearsal and the concert.

As choral directors, our goal is for your students to have a successful concert experience. Because of the limited rehearsal time and space at our concert venue, we are asking your students to attend two Friday rehearsals to prepare for the concert:  Combined Choral Rehearsal (Dec. 1) and Staging Rehearsal (Dec.8).The December 8th rehearsal has been on the schedule since the beginning of the semester, but the December 1st is an extra rehearsal due to the
reasons given above. 

We appreciate your flexibility.

DEC 1st
Rehearsal #1/Combined Choral
Since our choirs meet in three locations, a time of rehearsing all together is vital for the blend of their voices and the confidence needed for your children to relax and enjoy performance day. Therefore, our rehearsal on Friday, December 1, 2017 at Baptist Temple, located at 2433 NW 30th Street, OKC, OK 73112,will focus on singing.  Please have your students arrive 5-10 minutes early so they can be in the correct location at the start of rehearsal. 

·       1:00pm - 2:45pm Illuminati and Bella Voce Rehearsal.  Enter through the north entrance with the awning.   
·       3:00pm-4:30pm Music Experience and Principio Rehearsal.  Enter through the north entrance with the awning.   

Dec 8th
Rehearsal #2/STAGING
Another rehearsal is needed to work out staging logistics at our concert location. This is another important time for your children. Therefore, our rehearsal on Friday, December 8, 2017 at Southern Hills Baptist Church will focus on moving on an off the stage and the technical aspects of sound and lighting, etc. They will be singing, too, to become comfortable with the sound in the auditorium.  

·       8:45am- 10:15am  Music Experience will need to be dropped off at the south door under the awning.  Parents can pick up their children at the same awning at 10:15am. 

·       8:45am - 11:00am Principio will need to be dropped off at the south door under the awning and will be ready for pick-up at 11:00am. The extended time is because they are performing a finale song with Illuminate and Bella Voce. 

·       10:15am - 12:00pm Illuminati and Bella Voce will need to be dropped off  and picked up at the south door under the awning.

Students are expected to be at both Friday rehearsals as they are essential to an excellent choral concert with seamless transitions on/off stage.  If your child is in an academic co-op during one of those times, please contact their choral director. These rehearsals will make the concert successful for all.