Friday, January 19, 2018

And the Winners are...

Winners of the Bring a Friend Challenge

Thanks to all of you who brought your friends to choir for "Bring-a-friend Day" this semester.  The turn-out was great.  Norman--you especially rocked it!  Way to go!  And now the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winners of this Spring's bring a friend challenge are...

Sarah Stephens
Elliot Cockroft
Takeko Green

Congratulations!  Winners, please reply with the email address you would like your card to be sent too.  And have fun spending your $20 Amazon gift cards!

Note:  Registration is now closed for the Spring semester.  Please encourage your friends to come to our Spring concert and be ready to sign up in May when fall registration opens.  Thanks!

Why the Heartland Festival?

Next week, Illuminati and Bella Voce students will be receiving a registration letter with all the details about this year's Heartland Festival.  But first, we will answer a very important question that has been asked:

Why do we participate in the Heartland Festival, and why is it a required event for our students?

A choir contest:
1.    Provides an opportunity for students to receive constructive comments from judges.
2.    Develops closer connections within the group.
3.    Gives choral directors ideas on how to improve the group's musical abilities.
4.    Gives the group an opportunity to see how they compare with other choirs from around the state/country.
5.    Raises the standard of excellence.
6.    Provides a social outlet for students.
7.    Creates a positive memorable childhood experience with their friends and teachers.

The Heartland Music Festival is a national choral contest that is in our own backyard.  Choirs from all over Oklahoma and surrounding states participate in this event either in Branson or OKC.  By participating in the Frontier City sponsored location, we see how we compare as a choir with other similar choirs without leaving our own city.  And, since we cannot participate in OSSAA sanctioned choral contests, this gives our students that choral contest experience.

As Pam Matlick says, "At rehearsal last week as we were discussing Heartland I heard students talk about how much fun it was. I thought 'they will look back at this experience when they become adults and treasure the memories as I did with my musical organizations experiences.'"

So why is it a required event?  

That is like asking, "why is playing a basketball game a required event if you are on a basketball team?"  A team is only a team if it has all its players.  The same applies to a choir.  Choral directors assign parts so that harmonies are balanced and voices blend.  If a student is not there, it affects the group’s performance, can potentially lower their choral score, and undermines the group's choral confidence. 

So, be looking for a letter coming home with your Bella Voce and/or Illuminati student this week with all the details about Heartland Festival!  It's going to be GREAT!