Thursday, February 15, 2018

We Need Your Help and ARTS FESTIVAL INFO!

Arts Festival Date Announced

This announcement applies to all Principio and Music Experience students:  We were indeed selected to perform at the OKC Arts Festival again this year.  Congratulations!  Our performance time is Tuesday, April 24 from 1-1:40 p.m.  Students will need to arrive earlier though.  Exact call time will be announced soon, but for now mark your calendars as this is a required (and special) performance.

We Need Your Pics!

We are getting ready to update our website and we need your pics!  Do you have any pictures of the choirs from the last two concerts and/or rehearsals in the past year?  Would you be willing to let us share them on the website?  If so, we would love it if you'd email them to us at

Have an Extra File Cabinet?

The choirs are in need of TWO legal 4-drawer file cabinets for the music library.  Have an extra?  If so, we would gladly welcome your file cabinet as a tax-deductible donation.  Let us know by contacting us at  

Have You Subscribed to Our Texts?

Have you subscribed to our remind me texts?  If not, then you just might be missing out on important texts sent out like this one the week before uniform checks:

  • 1:53 PM

    Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs
    Don't forget! This week we have uniform checks. Check the website for details. We'll also be taking pics so have fun dressing up!
  • 2:07 PM
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