Semester Scholarships

If your family is in financial need of a Semester Scholarship, please contact the Chief Financial Officer at You will receive a PDF form that will need to be completed and returned to the CFO by Friday, August 7th (for the fall semester) or January 1st (for the spring semester). The Scholarship Committee will meet and determine the scholarships for this upcoming semester, and you will be notified via email by Monday, August 10th (for the fall semester) or Monday, January 4th (for the spring semester) of their decision.

Before you submit the Semester Scholarship Form be sure that any previous accounts with COHC are in good standing and paid in full. Accounts which are not in good standing will not be considered for the upcoming semester. Scholarships are dispersed each semester and are determined by the need of the family, the number of families requesting the Semester Scholarship, and the funds available in the General Scholarship Fund for the upcoming semester.”