Solo and Ensemble Contest

Oklahoma Homeschool Solo and Ensemble Contest

Saturday, March 3, 2018

What is the Solo and Ensemble Contest?

It is an event organized by Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs that is open to all Oklahoma students ages 8 to 18.  The goal of the Oklahoma Homeschool Solo and Ensemble Contest is to provide an opportunity for students of any educational background to receive personal feedback via a highly-qualified solo and ensemble adjudicator.  Note:  This is NOT an OSSAA sanctioned event.

What can I expect on the day of the event?

While the schedule is subject to change, participants of the Solo and Ensemble Contest can expect to be to be assigned an adjudication time somewhere between 8 a.m. and noon.

Where will the Solo and Ensemble Contest take place?

First Baptist Church
1300 E 33rd St.
Edmond, OK 73013

Who are this year's adjudicators?

Coming soon!

What is the cost of the Solo and Ensemble Contest?

Fees for the Solo and Ensemble Contest are as follows:
  • Solos: $15 each
  • Ensembles (2-12 members):  $20 each

What are the guidelines of the Solo and Ensemble Contest?

Solo and Ensemble Contest participants should observe the following guidelines:
  • All performances are to be accompanied by a pianist unless the music indicates otherwise. Registrants will be responsible for providing their own accompanist(s). 
  • Vocal literature should reflect standard solo and ensemble repertoire. Broadway, jazz, and popular selections are not appropriate and are unacceptable for this festival. ONLY ORIGINAL MUSIC is permitted to give to the adjudicator. If music is on order and didn’t arrive in a timely manner, have the music supplier send you a copy of your invoice. If music is permanently out-of-print, please have the publisher send you a letter of permission to use copied music specifically for this event. Adjudicators have the right and responsibility to not rate a performance when copied music is given to them. 
  • Students should write his/her name inside the front cover the music so that it may be easily returned.
  • All selections should be performed by memory. Failure to do so will automatically lower the participant(s) score by one rating. 
  • Participants may sing one musical selection per entry. While participants may prepare a piece of any length, a judge reserves the right to ask the participant(s) to discontinue should the performance last longer than 5 minutes due to time restraints. For such, no rating deduction will occur. 
  • All performing ensemble members and accompanist MUST be listed on the registration form for eligibility and scheduling. 
  • Participants should be prompt to their performance location as the Solo and Ensemble Contest is on a tight schedule; they may not have an opportunity to perform if tardy.

What is the registration deadline to participate?

All registrations for either solo or ensemble must be received and/or postmarked two weeks prior to the event.

How do I register?

You can register your solo or ensemble by completing the following form and mailing in your check or money order to:

Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs 
2011 West Danforth Road
Box 204
Edmond, OK    73003

Click Here to Register Now

I registered online but have not received my adjudication time yet.  What next?

Be looking for an email with your adjudication time on the Tuesday before the event.  If you do not receive more information by this time, please contact Kathy Gossen ( or 405-833-6427) for more information.

That's it!  We look forward to seeing you and hope you will spread the news so we can make this the biggest music-filled homeschool event Oklahoma has ever seen!